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9/ON is an exceptional and experiential 9 month personal leadership program for young people (between ± 25 and ± 35 years old, early in their career) with the ambition to add more value to their own life and the lives of others. In a period of 9 months it will stretch you to reflect on your own personality and your deepest desires, and how to connect that with every day reality and working environment.


  • Are you willing and able to commit yourself to a 9 month challenge to become fully aware of your route to personal and professional fulfillment?
  • Do you want to focus on unlocking your potential and help to make use of it in order to contribute to society and communities you live in?


  • A true reset; the basis for any individual to get better rooted and become more focused in life.
  • Solid individual self-reflection; focus on what really fits your character and how you can contribute to the life of others.
  • Connect with great personalities; inspiring leaders who want to contribute to your growth.


  • We want to challenge future leaders to unlock their full potential and be examples to others. 
  • We miss personal leadership development in mainstream education.
  • We believe that what goes beyond the mind is an incredible untouched potential in our characters.

The kick off (Generation 2)



9/ON is a special 9 month program for young people between late twenties and early thirties who want to experience a ‘reset’ in life. Please check below for the exact dates. As you can see, only the 4 day kick off journey and 3 reconnect/closure meetings have fixed dates in the program. The exact amount of time you spend on the program – apart from the fixed dates – is up to you.

Generation 2 ( 2017)

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Until 1 Mar 2017
Kick off
23 - 26 Mar 2017
Open up
Mar - May 2017
Jun - Aug 2017
Sept - Nov 2017
9 & 10 Dec 2017

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If you feel attracted to the idea of 9/ON, you can ask for a personal conversation to find out if this might be something for you. If you want to apply right away, you will first have an intake meeting with one of the initiators of 9/ON. Deadline for applications for the second edition of 9/ON is 1 March 2017.

Kick off

You are taken away from issues of the day. During 4 days you will be confronted with yourself and critical others. It’s an experiential process of self-discovery, based on successful programs for business and community leaders.

Open up

After the kick off-journey you go back to your everyday life, but 9/ON will add an extra layer to it. How are you going to put your action plan into practice, in daily life? Work on it individually, and with help of peers (fixed groups of 3) and with help of the personality pool. You will receive assignments to reflect and to discover unexpected sides of yourself. Sometimes you’ll have to do things, sometimes you are challenged to experience daily life in a different way.


This stage starts with a full day group reconnect. After having spent 3 months on the core, some things might turn out not quite as expected. What stands tall? How to stretch to the next level? What is still holding back? During the next 3 months you will have challenging dialogues with peers (new groups of 3) and personalities.


This stage starts with a one day group reconnect. You will share your experiences in the group and try to see what responsibility you need to take for yourself and for others. During the final three months you are going to determine your direction. You will focus on the way how to take active responsibility and control over your chosen path in life. Again you will be in connection with a new personality from the Personality Pool and other participants. The weekly assignments will help you to focus on decisions and will make you more aware of your (mental) obstacles and doubts.


These 2 days mark the official closure of the 9 month journey. You get ready to share personal experiences and challenges. Draw up the balance sheet: what will be the impact for you? What is your absolute priority after the past 9 months? Everyone stands up and presents. How will you contribute to others, to a next generation?

Personality Pool

The Personality Pool is a corner stone of 9/ON. The personalities are people from different walks of life and from different corners in society. They want to contribute to your growth. That’s why they wanted to join 9/ON. In this period of 9 months, every participant will be connected with at least 2 personalities from the Pool for deep conversations on personal development. We have experienced ourselves that conversations like these really have been crucial for the choices that we’ve made in life.

Patricia Becker

Co-Creation expert, Founder Career Generators & Radical Awareness Collective

Ton van Brussel

Managing director at De Rode Hoed

Arie Boomsma

TV personality, writer, health entrepeneur

Sylvana Simons

TV Host, Public Speaker & Empowerment Coach

Monique Jansse

Founder of Happy Soul Travel, yoga teacher and writer

Neil McArthur

CEO of Arcadis

Ernst van Dijk

Founder Gift (coaching, training, consultancy)

Marijn Pijnenborg

Founder of Funda, Director at Medical Media

Ina Brouwer

Lawyer at Borg Advocaten, author/advisor in the field of diversity & woman’s rights, former politician

Mohamed Baba

Senior (change)manager in Public Affaires, Innovation & Strategy

Tex Gunning

CEO at TNT Express

Eric Mohr

Partner, Kamphuis Mohr Van der Steen Search & Interim

Tanja Jadnanansing

Member of the Dutch Parliament, concerned with education, youth and science

Sven Mastbooms

Founder of Seven & Kindred Spirits

Rob Oudkerk

Radio host & political adviser & former politician

Aart Hageman

Social Entrepreneur, PATIENT+

Wijnand Baretta

Founder Perceptum, Initiator Khan Academie NL, creator

Noëlle Haitsma

Strategic advisor - impact investor

Eveline Aendekerk

Managing director Dance4life

Tom Palmaerts

Trendwatcher, partner Trendwolves

Rob Becker

Chair of the board of Aflatoun International & member of the Supervisory Board Dutch Authority Financial Markets

Heiko Hutmacher

Board of Management at METRO AG

About us

Through our own paths of life, we have come to discover that many (young) people – once they started working and building a career – do not find the opportunity to give time and attention to fundamental questions in life. We would like to provide that opportunity to as many people as possible, because most likely they will not do a ‘reset’ in the following years otherwise. It is a challenge to stand up and create space for these often called ‘softer values’. For things that are connected to work, but do not directly contribute to profit or efficiency. We want to do this, because there is only development if people develop. 9/ON is a not profit based initiative. 

Huub Nelis

Passionate about growth and education, founder of Youngworks

Gijs Pothof

Leadership development facilitator, founder of The Future Firm

Ludo Keizer

Experience designer, creative consultant, moderator

Bojana Duovski

Connector, founder of Concierge Amsterdam

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Everyone who wants to join 9/ON will have a personal orientation conversation with us to evaluate if this program really fits you. We will find out together.

9 month program of personal leadership development
€ 3,499.00

Kick off weekend at an inspiring location somewhere in Europe

3 meetings, including 1 overnight & closure session

Personal guiding by experienced leaders

Unexpected assignments

Collaboration in different teams

24 inspiring fellow participants

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