Open up

21 Jan 2020
3 months
Reconnect 1: 6 January 2018 (1 day)

Open up

3 months in your daily life (October – December 2017)


How do you further grow awareness and understanding of yourself and your personal leadership? How do you build a trust fundament with others in the group and take away your assumptions? Experience new possibilities and interests.


After the kick off-journey you go back to your everyday life, but 9/ON will add an extra layer to it. How are you going to put your action plan into practice, in daily life? Work on it individually, and with help of peers (fixed groups of 3) and with help of the personality pool. You will receive assignments to reflect and to discover unexpected sides of yourself. Sometimes you’ll have to do things; sometimes you are challenged to experience daily life in a different way.


  • Strengthen your core
  • Deepen understanding of personal leadership
  • Ready for new experiences
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