21 Jan 2020
3 months


3 months in daily life (April – June 2018)


How do you shape your personal leadership for the next chapter of your life? Strengthen the trust fundament with yourself and others, find focus and shape a sense of (new) direction.


This stage starts with a one day group reconnect. You will share your experiences in the group and try to see what responsibility you need to take for yourself and for others. During the final three months you are going to determine your direction. You will focus on the way how to take active responsibility and control over your chosen path in life. Again you will be in connection with a new personality from the Personality Pool and other participants. The weekly assignments will help you to focus on decisions and will make you more aware of your (mental) obstacles and doubts.


  • Find focus
  • Shape a sense of (new) direction
  • Tangible actions
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