Ina Brouwer

Lawyer at Borg Advocaten, author/advisor in the field of diversity & woman’s rights, former politician

Ina Brouwer

Lawyer at Borg Advocaten, author/advisor in the field of diversity & woman’s rights, former politician


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Mr. Ina Brouwer (1950) is a former politician (Green Left) and former Director Equal Rights for the Netherlands. She took part in EU organizations for gender equality and took the initiative as a director for campaigns in the Netherlands to promote women’s participation in the economic sector and in politics. Within the framework of the EU she started a coalition for a EU Declaration against trafficking in women.

Brouwer regularly publishes books and articles on equal rights and on historical backgrounds, related to women, in different European countries. In 2003 she published The Glass Ceiling, a book on women at the top of different organizations. In 2010 she published a book on the different historical backgrounds in the Netherlands and in Sweden on work and motherhood.

Ina gives lectures in the Netherlands as well as in other countries, such as Japan and Sweden. She urges governments and political parties to promote and use the talents of the young generation, particularly with a focus on women. Everywhere in the world the educational level of women has increased dramatically. Therefore the culture should change and conditions should be created to combine work and motherhood, as well as fatherhood

Ina Brouwer started her law-study in Groningen in 1968 after being a high school exchange-student in the USA. She became politically active after a journey to India where she was shocked by the bad living-conditions of the poor.

She was a member of parliament for one of the small left parties (CPN) and one of the founders of the Green Left Party for which party she was a party-leader in 1994.

Between 1995 and 2005 she worked as a Director on Equal Rights for the Dutch government.

After 2005 she held many different governance positions in the field of education and childcare. As of 2014 she took up her old profession as a lawyer. Besides women’s rights she specializes in governmental issues, as well as in intellectual property, copyrights and privacy-issues.

Ina Brouwer is living in Amsterdam with her partner and has a daughter and a son.

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